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Skills Watch

Welcome to the Skills Watch by the Digital Learning Hub Luxembourg. This page leverages visualised data to support the DLH in its mission to help reduce the digital skills gap in Luxembourg and meet the needs and demands of the country's job market. By analysing publicly available data from the European Employment Services (EURES) , we gain insights that allow us to react to an ever-changing IT industry and provide us with a well-grounded basis for talking decisions on what trainings we offer.

In addition, this website serves as a hub for individuals and organisations to make informed decisions about their future and their careers, allowing them to acquire skills that the job market values and searches for.

The occupations are organised in 5 levels of categories (with a general category at the top, leading down to the occupation itself at the bottom). Skills and Competences are similarly classified and associated with specific occupations.

The data shown on this website gets updated automatically once a week and searches through several thousands of IT job offers in Luxembourg. We invite you to explore our selection of data and graphs below and stay ahead of the curve. Welcome to the Skills Watch, where knowledge meets opportunity!

Top 10 Programming Languages

This bar plot showcases the programming languages that are most frequently mentioned in job offers within the Luxembourgish job market. Utilizing a comprehensive database that encompasses a vast array of programming languages, we have extracted data from numerous job postings to identify the languages that employers prioritize when seeking IT professionals.

Top Web Development Frameworks

This doughnut plot reveals the web development frameworks with the highest demand on the Luxembourgish job market. Leveraging a comprehensive database, we have identified the most sought-after frameworks that employers prioritize when hiring IT professionals. The plot highlights popular frameworks such as Angular, Vue.js, React, ASP.NET, FastAPI, Django, Express, Nest, Spring, Laravel, Node.js, and Ruby on Rails.

Prototyping Frameworks in Design Thinking

Our plot focuses on the demand for prototyping frameworks used in the design thinking process. It provides insights into the popularity and usage of software tools like Figma and Marvel, which facilitate the rapid creation of prototypes to visualize and iterate on ideas.

Operating System Requirements in Job Postings

Our doughnut plot provides insights into the required knowledge of operating systems mentioned in various job postings. It showcases the frequency with which different operating systems are explicitly specified by employers. By analyzing a diverse range of job postings, we have identified the operating systems that are in high demand for different roles. The plot visually represents the relative importance of operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS within the job market.

Distribution of Database Types